Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey, sweet lips

While I am currently not eating sugar and sweet stuff like honey for the sake of my health, I have found another use for the deliciously natural sweetener, honey. I find that my lips become chapped all to easily, so I've found a solution which I want to share with you, for we all deserve luscious and soft lips.

How to:

Smother your lips in honey, leave on as long as you can resist licking it off, 10 minutes is ideal.

Take an old clean toothbrush and wet, then gently rub your lips with it to exfoliate.

Rinse with cold water, pat dry and apply your most nourishing lip balm- I like paw paw ointment or Dr Bronner's beeswax lipgloss.

Voila, lusciously plump lips.

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