Monday, January 2, 2012

Just a little shabby-chic

Hiya friendly faces, I'm nervously here to blog. Since when did I become so nervous about blogging? Hmm, it happens now and again, but lately I've had a big dose of writers block/writer's performance anxiety. I asked my inner wise owl about this, I asked who am I to blog? Can't people read the same kinda stuff I write elsewhere, probably written more eloquently or with a greater humour than here on inner beam? My answer to this doubt is Yes...and No. Pretty much the same kind of content is repeated across the world wide web, but each blog has it's own unique slant, and I know that I don't mind reading the same kind of thing said differently when it is a topic of interest to me. My wise one said none of that, that was just me making that up now, my own logic. What the wise owl actually said is: What if you did it for no-one other than your self? What if it was simply a purely pleasurable indulgence to write? No agenda, no need to fulfill, yours alone.

Hmm, I can blog, for my own pleasure only, to fulfill my own need to express and play with words and record something of interest to me- just for me? Yup, it's true, I'm not wasting anyone's time or space, there's plenty here for everyone, and if any one decides they want to check out what my flavour of the moment is then they can, at no cost to themselves. Sounds reasonable, sounds wise.

That's how I got here today, thanks to the wise owl who lives within (or on my shoulder?), whom admittedly I don't consult with enough, and today I am going to indulge myself in a little sharing of my latest joy- thinking green. I have been having an awesome time playing with creating things out of mostly cheap and re-cycled or green-ish things. For example, I've spent about 100 bucks re-decorating inside and out with materials & cushions from the op-shop, and some cheap bits and pieces from the big stores, I'm so stoked with my 'shabby-chic' improvements around the house & it feels so good because I know I didn't break the bank. Rather than buying into cosumerist thinking I actually 'rescued' pre-loved bits and pieces from antique shops and op-shops. My money-minded man was also really impressed, so I have had quite the inner beam glow about me as I enjoy my new look loungeroom, deck & meditation space.

I also made myself a new lipgloss the other day, it cost me, nothing. I had a little pot that used to have eyeshadow in it, I squeezed some paw paw ointment (lip gloss) in and then added some mineral eye-shadow, a deep earthy red colour and some white for a shimmery effect, it came out looking like chocolate- which was fine with me. I delighted in asking the bf if he liked my new lip gloss...and then how much he though it cost, following his guess-timate with a proud- ha, no, it was free!!

So much more fun to be had, I just need to find myself a few different colours of mineral eye-shadow and some more pots or tubes to put it in & I will have lots of different glosses to play with- for cheap & of no harm to me or my precious body.

That's all for now, if you have any beauty/decorating tips please do leave a comment, I am thirsty for new ideas & to keep exploring.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Nice work! It feels good to make something for nothing. Keep blogging for yourself too!