Lotuses are beautiful divine examples of what can Grow In Mud...

Funnily enough, human growth is often greatest during periods of difficulty.

If you are experiencing a period of massive growth right now, remember the lotus.

One to One Sessions can assist in planting a seed of inspiration and nurturing it. Click the link to read more about what H.O.P.E Therapy can offer you.


You might like to explore meditation & what it has to offer you. I enjoy Goddess Leonie's guided meditation, it has a healing and magical essence.

Chakra Healing Goddess Meditation Kit

The Chakra Healing Goddess meditation is a 30 minute long audio MP3, guiding you on a beautiful journey to cleanse your chakras, heal and feel all gorgeously light and shiny.

This is a meditation to use when you:

•are feeling out-of-sorts or really, really depleted

•needing a burst of energy and replenishment

•are in need of healing

•are feeling sick or run down

•want to keep all your chakras in beautiful shiny order

•need to feel clearer, happier and shinier

•want some extra support as you are healing.

Releasing Fears Kit

This meditation is a powerful meditation to use whenever you are feeling stuck, lost or down from any fears you may have.

It’s time to let go of any fears you may have… fears that are holding you back from shining and being your magnificent goddess self… time to be free… and time to shine as the goddess you are.

The Releasing Fears meditation is a 20 minute long audio MP3. The gifts you’ll get from using it?

* You will feel stronger, clearer and more courageous

* Your fears will not make you feel so stuck

*You will feel freer to shine and chase your big, beautiful dreams

* You will connect to the huge amount of support just waiting to help you on your path.

Divine Dreaming Kit

The Divine Dreaming Kit is a total-goddess-package to guide you in getting to sleep easier, having a more nourishing, revitalising sleep, and experiencing some pretty amazing dreams. It’s got the original 21 minute Divine Dreaming meditation, the extended meditation and the Goddess Guide to Sweet Slumber mini-ebook to support you on your Divine Dreaming journey.

Some of the gifts you’ll receive from using the meditation:

* You’ll drift into sweet slumber way more easily

* You’ll have wise, healing, amazing dreams

* You’ll feel more revitalised and nourished when you wake up

* You’ll feel more connected with your guides
* You’ll have way more glorious days because your nights are so much more nourishing.

2011 Creating your Goddess Year workbook & planner

A gorgeous place to begin or continue your Goddess journey is the 2011: Creating my Goddess Year Workbook, Planner & Calendar.

Filled with 70+ full colour pages, this instantly downloadable workbook is such a powerful tool to help you make 2011 your year.

The Inspire Me Store has only just begun! There is so much more to come. The store will stock amazing, unique, powerful and high quality affordable products, perfect for helping you to strengthen your Inner Beam. You can expect to find potent healing flower essences and other inspirational tools here soon. 

P.S- If you know of a fantastic product, please do contact me and let me know, it may just have a place in the store.