H.O.P.E Therapy

When the storm passes a rainbow appears.

What is H.O.P.E Therapy?

It's remembering the rainbow, that all colours do exist.

Remembering the rainbow is to recognise and allow all aspects of your Self, to embrace the magnificence of all that you are.  When we're prepared to listen to ourselves with honesty, openness and compassion, we discover great insights and guidance towards becoming our brightest selves.

H.O.P.E Therapy is to recognise that the potential for a fulfilling and meaningful life exists. You'll find that you can create your days so as you're bouncing out of bed with enthusiasm at the thought of what's to come.

Together we entertain and grow the belief that you deserve happiness, satisfaction and to live a life with your inner beam glowing so vibrantly that others can't help but notice your glow.

H.O.P.E stands for Helping Our Potential Emerge.
I've been an igniter of HOPE since before I had any formal qualifications. Since experiencing chronic illness & realising the need to change my life I have an insatiable passion for seeing others live their lives with a sense of ease, grace and joy. I've researched thoroughly and experienced so many different modalities of natural healing that I have a sound understanding of holistic well-being.
Formally, my qualifications are a Bachelor of Social Work, and Certificates in Narrative Therapy and Strengths Based Practice.
I am a registered member of the Australian Association of Social Workers.
If you're interested in igniting H.O.P.E in your life, sessions can be held in person in Bendigo, Australia or via Skype.
Sessions are $95.00 and go for approximately an hour.
Please contact me via e-mail with questions or to arrange an appointment- innerbeam@gmail.com