About Me

Hello, I'm Sarah & here's a list of things you might like to know about me:

  • I'm in my mid 20's and live in Melbourne, Australia.
  • I grew up in a small small town in Victoria.
  • Words are one of my favourite ways to express myself.
  • I know what it is to be sick; I have healed from Glandular Fever and more recently chronic hyperthyroidism.
  • I believe illness is one way our soul wakes us up and gets out attention- love is another.
  • I am drawn to helping others.
  • I am learning to put my own needs first so as I can help others without losing anything of myself.
  • I have experienced burn-out as a Social Worker. I have given my power away to others or a cause because some part of me believed it was more worthy of it than I.
  • I know how afwul it feels to not be 'in your body'.
  • I know how amazing it feels to be present and completely 'here and now'.
  • I have had a broken heart. My heart has mended.
  • I am passionate about people living out their dreams and honouring their unique truth.
  • I enjoy getting to know myself more each day.
  • It is my intention to match my inner and outer worlds in order to live authentically and with the greatest ease and joy possible.
  • The forest re-energises me, I feel peaceful when I am near still waters.
  • I dislike being too hot or too cold, I like 'just right'.
  • I dislike lies. The most dangerous sort are the ones we tell ourselves.
  • I love sharing my journey with others, I hope that my own challenges and insights will help others to feel equipped to face their challenges and find their own answers.

This is me, this is my blog, you are so welcome to join me here and to share as much or as little as feels right for you.

I'd love to hear from you, feel free to contact me via e-mail or on Twitter.

If you're interested in working one on one with me, you might like to learn more about H.O.P.E Therapy.