What is the Inner Beam?

Welcome to Inner Beam!

This is a space for you to ‘come home’ to your Self and your inner wisdom. You will find tools and prompts for increasing your sense of vitality, health, wellness, prosperity, joy and inner calm.
The Inner Beam is a place for remembering essential truths which will fuel your eternal inner light.
What is Inner Light?

As human beings we all have an inner light, our inner light can range from a flicker to a brilliant radiating glow.
Debbie Ford describes the concept of Inner Light in ‘The Right Questions’: 
Each of us has an internal flame that is the keeper of our life force …Our flames are our essence. When they are well fed, they hold all the power of that roaring fire. But our internal flames must be looked after and protected. We must honour them and care for them, tend them and nourish them, if they are to stay strong.  
Our inner light fuels our entire being, it is life energy, it is healing and energising, it is creative and powerful. Our inner light emanates through our entire body and beyond- providing the energy and inspiration for every action we take.

Brightening Your Inner Beam

The good news is that we get to choose how brightly our light shines, according to the choices we make and our actions and inactions.
‘…Every choice we make either brings wood to our internal fires or sprinkles a little water on them…’ ~Debbie Ford.

 We fuel our inner light when:
  • We make choices that our aligned with who we are and what we truly need.
  • We love ourselves enough to express ourselves openly, honestly and creatively.
  • We say ‘no’ to others demands on our energy.
  • We say ‘yes’ to our own dreams and desires.
  • We spend time doing things that bring us joy.
  • We remember who we truly are and drop the ‘masks’.
  • We listen to our heart and inner wisdom.
  • We trust and have faith in ourselves.
  • We empower ourselves and set ourselves and others free.
Igniting your light so it shines brightly is a choice. Here at The Inner Beam you will find many ways to do just this. Explore the articles and find whatever resonates with you and begin there. Trust that you know what is best for you and have fun in the process.
Life’s too short to be dull, show us your Inner Beam!

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